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Backed by a history of proven results on complex, multiphase projects, our real estate department consistently provides high-quality, efficient work to our clients in the energy and transportation sectors.  Our in-house staff of acquisition agents, along with our select pool of regionally experienced agents, provides us with the depth and knowledge to successfully complete jobs large and small.



We offer turn-key project management, specializing in the following areas: project management, siting and title work, negotiation and acquisition, permitting, route selection, document preparation, market studies, eminent domain appraisal, condemnation support, and damage claims.

Our Right-of-Way department works closely with other in-house professionals: Certified General Appraisers, GIS analysts, Professional Land Surveyors, and foresters. With this integrated team, Steigerwaldt serves as the Great Lakes region’s real estate and land management expert, providing our clients with the service they demand and deserve.

Negotiations and Acquisitions

With a clear understanding of our clients’ needs, we work to develop trust and respect with landowners through the negotiation process. This has been the cornerstone of our team’s success in negotiating thousands of easements and lease agreements. In addition to maintaining detailed meeting diaries, our team will compile all the documentation necessary to proceed with acquisition. We also attend and participate in project-related public hearings and informational meetings. Our knowledgeable and personable staff is always available to meet with landowners one-on-one at their property to more fully discuss the project and answer their questions.

Market studies

Thorough, complete, and up-to-date, our market studies help our clients make critical budgeting and project planning decisions. We prepare comprehensive market studies with offering prices on all land classes. Along with our appraisers, we maintain a sizable database of market research that is kept current with the most complete information available.

Database design

We recognize the need for accurate and secure records tracking. We offer an integrated Access/GIS database and state-of-the-art database management system, as well as the ability to create unique databases and reporting systems to meet clients’ specific requirements.

Eminent Domain appraisal

Right-of-way appraisals call for thorough knowledge of eminent domain law and experience in various approaches to value. Our certified general appraisers are fully trained in these issues and have the skill that you can rely on.

Tree and landscape appraisal

With certified arborists and appraisers on staff, we take an approach to tree appraisal that gives clients a well-grounded, realistic picture of tree value, from landscape and ornamental trees to Christmas tree plantations and forestland.

Expert witness testimony

Our appraisers serve as expert witnesses in court cases involving land acquisition issues. We are experienced in working with legal counsel, preparing and analyzing data, and providing written and oral testimony regarding our work and expertise.

Land surveys

When real estate projects require accurate boundary delineation and staking, we have the resources to meet those needs. Using the latest equipment and technology with a foundation built on traditional techniques, we deliver thorough, precise, and reliable surveys to achieve our clients’ goals. Learn more.

GIS mapping

Using the latest software and technology, our Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists create high-quality, detailed maps that accompany our projects.

Unmanned aircraft systems

Using unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, our technical specialists acquire high resolution, real-time aerial imagery and data that is used to enhance land management, real estate, environmental, and surveying projects. Learn more.

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Steigerwaldt uses cutting-edge technology to provide the most accurate and informative GIS mapping and timber inventories to ensure the best results for clients.




Our forestry professionals and advisors provide a comprehensive timberland investment services package that aids clients in making well informed investment decisions.




Our team of appraisers is trained in all aspects of natural resource valuation, from vast tracts of forestland to individual trees.



Natural Resources and Environmental

As foresters, arborists, and natural resource specialists, we consult on a variety of projects and bring expert knowledge you can trust.


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Decades of Experience. A History of Results.

In 1957, Ed Steigerwaldt Sr. established a forestry and real estate consulting business with a goal of offering superior land management services. Over several decades that vision has been upheld and expanded by an exceptional staff of foresters, appraisers, GIS specialists, and real estate professionals with unsurpassed dedication to professional excellence and client satisfaction. While the business has grown and changed, our trademark hasn’t: Quality work fast, with honesty and integrity.