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Land Surveying

Land Surveying

Steigerwaldt Land Surveying, LLC delivers professional land surveying and associated consulting services provided by Wisconsin Professional Land Surveyors.
Owning land is often one of the largest and most valuable investments many people make. Whether you are buying or selling your land, creating a new parcel or subdividing your property, have a boundary dispute, or are looking to begin construction, we ensure cost-effective, complete solutions.
With a diverse background in both the public and private sector, our staff has acquired the knowledge, skill, and ability to deliver prompt, professional final products for a wide variety of scenarios. With open lines of communication from initial consultation to delivery of final map products, we keep our customers abreast of the status from start to finish. Our trademark is our passion: Quality work fast, with honesty and integrity.

Boundary Survey

Be empowered by knowing your property’s boundaries. This survey will reveal or verify your property lines and corners and will provide an updated legal description. Also called a metes and bounds survey, this type of survey describes a parcel’s boundary by identifying a place of beginning and proceeding in courses of bearings and distances, returning to the place of beginning. Corners set by a Professional Land Surveyor are the best way to identify property boundaries.

Topographic Surveys/Site Maps

This survey is usually performed in conjunction with another type of survey. Topographic surveys show specified elevations and contours. Natural features such as streams and lakes, and artificial features such as fences, buildings, and landscaping, can also be shown. A planning tool used for approval of preliminary plats and CSMs, this survey is also used to aid in construction, building siting, septic system installation, and visualizing potential.

Certified Survey Map (CSM)

CSMs allow for division, combination, or reconfiguration of four parcels of land or less which represent the exterior boundaries of the land surveyed. They are often required for the creation of lots or minor subdivisions, boundary line adjustments, or as required by the jurisdictional zoning ordinance. Specific mapping regulations guarantee the location of parcels created on a CSM and typically require approval by local authorities.

Utility Mapping/Route Surveys

These surveys are an essential step in the pre-construction process for pipelines, roadways, transmission lines, and other utility routes. Route surveys provide exhibit maps for the properties affected by the utility line or roadway corridor prior to construction and negotiations. They can also be used to determine where future impacts to public and private property by utility or route layout.

Subdivision Plats

A subdivision plat is the creation of five or more parcels of land under 1.5 acres within a five-year period. This type of project involves a survey of the exterior boundary of the tract to be divided, as well as a design and layout of the interior lots.

Remonumentation Surveys

Remonumenetation surveys are completed to re-establish, retrace, and perpetuate the U.S. Public Land Survey System (PLSS) monuments that were placed in an original survey to validate their precise location. These surveys require a significant amount of research and field work and are likely to affect lands in a widespread area.


This type of survey may be required to obtain a title policy. The American Land Title Association (ALTA) has unique specifications required for these surveys. They commonly require a higher amount of detail than any other type of survey as they show the boundary, title commitments, and improvements, both above ground and below. An ALTA survey is usually completed for a commercial property, industrial property, or complex housing unit.

ROW and Utility Easements

A right-of-way is the actual land area acquired for a specific purpose, such as a transmission line or roadway. An easement is a legal restriction on land use that allows the utility or public right of way to build and maintain the power line or roadway and allows the landowner to retain general ownership and control of the land.  The easement language specifies restrictions on both both parties’ use of the land and specifies the rights of the utility or public entity.

Flood Plain Surveys (LOMAs)

This survey is used to determine structure elevations in relation to you area’s flood plain. You may be required by a lending agent or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to carry flood insurance. That requirement may be based on outdated mapping. A new Flood Certificate can be submitted to FEMA to persuade the agency to issue a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) excusing your parcel from the floodplain.

Property Descriptions

A property description is the written description of property that identifies and precisely locates the land that can be used in a legal document for transferring the property described.

Conceptual Design and Development Consulting

Concept plans are an essential part of the initial planning and budgeting phase of any development project. Site planning generally begins by assessing a potential site for development and includes a feasibility analysis to prepare you for implementation.

Expert Witness Services

We are experienced in working with legal counsel, preparing and analyzing data, and providing written and oral testimony regarding our work and expertise.

Construction Survey

We can help with the layout of buildings and structures before and during construction.

Appraisal Staking and As-Built Surveys

Appraisal staking assesses a site to provide an estimated value of the staked area. We also perform post-construction surveys to determine differences between the plan and the finished construction.

Boundary Dispute Mitigation

We work with you when there are issues concerning the property boundaries of real estate parcels, usually neighboring properties, in relation to encroachments such as fences or buildings, improvements, landscaping, roadways, or trails.

A survey is a good investment.

To learn more about the value of a professional survey, see our surveying FAQs page.



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