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From vast tracts of forestland and lakes to individual trees, our team of knowledgeable appraisers is trained in all aspects of natural resource valuation. We maintain a comprehensive database of market research so that clients can be assured that their appraisals are based on the most complete information available. Collaborating with our GIS specialists, we supplement our appraisals with detailed, precise maps. And with our network of connections in diverse real estate markets, we stay on top of the fluctuating conditions of a dynamic industry, giving our clients products that we stand by.



Our clients include energy, utility, and transportation companies; nonprofit organizations; private individuals; forest product industries; and federal, state, county, and tribal governments. We work on projects of all sizes, in the Midwest and beyond.


Real estate appraisal

We specialize in appraising forest and recreational properties, completing hundreds of “yellow book” appraisals for land acquisitions. Our appraisers are also skilled in valuing resorts, marinas, commercial, industrial, agricultural, development, and residential properties.

Expert witness testimony

Our appraisers, foresters, and arborists serve as expert witnesses in court cases involving a variety of land and tree valuation issues. We are experienced in working with legal counsel, preparing and analyzing data, and providing written and oral testimony regarding our work and expertise.

Individual tree appraisal

We take an approach to tree appraisal that gives clients a well-grounded, realistic picture of a tree’s worth. With an ISA-certified arborist on staff, we are a trusted source for valuations of landscape trees and ornamental trees, and for estimating loss of value due to damage.

Conservation easement appraisal

A conservation easement offers financial benefits to landowners who wish to restrict development on their property, while enabling governmental agencies and land trusts to preserve exceptional forest, wetland, and wildlife areas for generations to come. As professional foresters, our appraisers have appraised thousands of acres of land for conservation easement purposes and are experienced in conducting forest inventories and evaluating the timberland component of the appraisal process.

Eminent domain appraisal

From transportation to energy projects, we offer a full range of appraisal services for land acquisition. Our appraisers are well versed in the legal issues of eminent domain and the requirements of “yellow book” appraisals. We tailor appraisals to the specific report formats required.

Tree damage appraisal

Our foresters and appraisers will value your timber, forestland, or Christmas tree plantation when it is damaged from human trespass or acts of nature, such as forest fire, frost, and flooding.

Appraisal review

We help clients determine whether the appraisals they have received from other providers contain supportable value opinions and conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Christmas tree appraisal

The valuation of Christmas trees requires an understanding of the cost, risk, cultural, and management aspects of tree production and a willingness to investigate market demand and supply dynamics. Incorrect and unsupported values can lead to significant errors, causing landowners and investors to be saddled with the repercussions for decades. As owners and operators of Steigerwaldt Tree Farms, Ed Steigerwaldt and Lee Steigerwaldt maintain detailed records of tree production costs, as well as a comparable sales database that includes sales from the Midwest, the Northwest, and the Northeast. Our staff of foresters and arborists allows us to mobilize quickly on inventories and complete accurate and well-supported appraisals to meet your desired timeline for completion.

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Steigerwaldt uses cutting-edge technology to provide the most accurate and informative GIS mapping and timber inventories to ensure the best results for clients.




Our forestry professionals and advisors provide a comprehensive timberland investment services package that aids clients in making well informed investment decisions.




Specializing in project management, the Steigerwaldt staff provides a variety of real estate services to easily adapt to the diverse needs of a wide-ranging client base.



Natural Resources and Environmental

As foresters, arborists, and natural resource specialists, we consult on a variety of projects and bring expert knowledge you can trust.


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In 1957, Ed Steigerwaldt Sr. established a forestry and real estate consulting business with a goal of offering superior land management services. Over several decades that vision has been upheld and expanded by an exceptional staff of foresters, appraisers, GIS specialists, and real estate professionals with unsurpassed dedication to professional excellence and client satisfaction. While the business has grown and changed, our trademark hasn’t: Quality work fast, with honesty and integrity.