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Jody Isaacson

Jody Isaacson

Accounts Manager


Responsibilities include: Management of all bookkeeping matters, invoicing, and internal budget tracking and accounting. Preparation of all documents for right-of-way acquisition (including preparation of nominal payment parcel forms, statements to construction engineers, deeds, and easements) prior to landowner negotiation meetings. Landowner negotiations and acquisitions through eminent domain procedures. File management and completion of filing documents (including request of release of consent of easements from mortgage companies and lenders), preparation of diaries, and completion of LPA certificates. Assists in writing nominal and “Before” and “After” appraisals for right-of-way projects. Assisted in creating an in-house tracking database for right-of-way projects.

Previous experience includes working as a legal secretary and as an administrative assistant in a residential and commercial appraisal firm, with experience in comparable sales research.


  • Course 100 – Principles of Land Acquisition
  • Course 103 – Ethics and the Right of Way Profession
  • Course 200 – Principles of Real Estate Negotiations
  • Course 800 – Principles of Real Estate Law
  • Course 900 – Principles of Real Estate Engineering
  • Course 901 – Engineering Plan Development and Application
  • Course 902 – Property Descriptions
  • Local Public Agency Real Estate Seminar, 2010
  • Various courses on proofreading, front desk management, human resources, and Microsoft Office applications including Word, Access, and Excel

Licenses and Memberships

  • International Right-of-Way Association, Chapter 17A Chair
  • Wisconsin Licensed Real Estate Salesperson No. 66744-094
  • Wisconsin Notary Public